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We are a dental office providing outstanding dentistry service to all South Florida

Our practice has been providing excellent dental care to the South Florida community for over a decade. We are located in the city of North Miami Beach close to the Golden Glades interchange. We do cosmetic and general dentistry, orthodontics, endodontics, pediatric, dentures, veneers, fixed bridges, cavities

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Dental Services at Bravo Dental

As a family oriented dental practice, we provide an array of dental services and procedures for all populations. Some of our dental services include: pediatric dentistry, nitrous and dental sedation, porcelain veneers, cosmetic and smile make-over, dental implants, orthodontics, root canals / endodontics, fixed bridge, debridement, cavities, teeth whitening, dentures, fracture tooth, crowns.

Orthodontic treatment

The purpose of orthodontic treatment is to create a healthy, functional “bite,” which is part tooth alignment and part jaw position. When jaws and teeth line up correctly, they are able to function as nature intended. This promotes oral health and general physical health. That orthodontic treatment also brings about an attractive smile is an added bonus.

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Sedation dentistry

Our team is here to help you overcome your dental anxiety and regain your confidence about visiting the dentist. In our personalized approach, we offer several ways to assist you in receiving treatment while remaining relaxed. Nitrous Oxide-N2O (Laughing Gas) allows you to relax during your treatment, and resume your normal activities after your appointment.

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Root Canal – Endodontics

A root canal is a treatment used to repair and save a tooth that is badly decayed or becomes infected. During a root canal procedure, the nerve and pulp are removed and the inside of the tooth is cleaned and sealed. Without treatment, the tissue surrounding the tooth will become infected and abscesses may form.

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Regular Dental Examinations

Periodic dental examinations are important for the well-being of everyone. Even if you don’t have discomfort or pain, It’s recommended by the American Dental Association to at least have regular examination twice a year.

Even If you brush and floss regularly, you may face certain oral health issues as an adult. Luckily, your dentist can help you meet most of these challenges quite successfully.

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Keep updated with our dental tips and news

Orthodontic – Patient Special Offer

New Orthodontic Offer for Bravo Dental Miami Patients Special Offer for our Patients to Help You or Your Children Obtain the Smile You Have Always Wanted As many of you may know, Dr. Bravo has been treating patients with orthodontic problems (crooked teeth) for the past 7 years.  Recently, Dr. Bravo and her highly talented …

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Bravo Dental – COVID-19

Our office will be closed until Friday August 27th due to a positive COVID-19 test by a member of our staff. We have taken this measure to keep everyone safe and comply with the CDC protocol. If you have an existing appointment this week, you can reach us by phone: 305.945.9333 and by email: info@bravo-dental.com …

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Back to School Orthodontic Promotion at Bravo Dental

School is back in session! We’re launching an exciting orthodontic promotion for all our young patients. During the month of September get a FREE orthodontic consultation and $100 off on your orthodontics records. In just a few months a young patient was able to reposition his crossbite. Images below show a Bravo Dental patient who undergone orthodontic treatment and successfully completed …

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