Back to School Orthodontic Promotion at Bravo Dental

School is back in session! We’re launching an exciting orthodontic promotion for all our young patients.
During the month of September get a FREE orthodontic consultation and $100 off on your orthodontics records. In just a few months a young patient was able to reposition his crossbite. Images below show a Bravo Dental patient who undergone orthodontic treatment and successfully completed its treatment. This original class III malocclusion can be explained as having the first molar anteriorly placed in relation to the maxillary first molar. This inhibits the mandible from proper growth thus jeopardizing full dental development.

Before and after orthodontic treatment

It’s highly recommended to address this issue early during childhood since its treatment is short and can completed providing great results. Lack of treatment during childhood might require corrective orthodontic surgery throughout adulthood. Take advantage of our Back to School Promotion and schedule your orthodontic consultation during September.

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