Bravo Dental re-opening

Bravo Dental PPE protection during COVID-19 pandemic

At Bravo Dental patient’s safety is our number one priority.

Florida Governor has allowed the re-opening of our dental office. We are open for elective, preventive and emergency procedures.

In order to enforce social distance, we are adjusting our hours of operations and schedule to protect both our staff and our patients. We will attend patients with appointment only. Please communicate with our office to schedule your visit.
We are limiting the number of daily appointments to allow for extra disinfection of our exam rooms.

During this time, we will screen all patient’s for symptoms prior to office entrance and treatment.

We request that only patients and/or one patient’s guardian attends appointment. Under no circumstance we will allow more than one additional person to accompany patient in our office.

If you are a new patient, or if you have not been in our office for a long time, we’ll send you a secure link to fill out the necessary information (touchless) prior to your appointment.

All staff, patients and companions must wear nose and moth coverage (except for patients once in designated op room and ready for treatment) at which point will be requested to remove mask.

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Get that perfect smile – $500 implant special

During the month of February Bravo Dental is launching a new implant promotion for new and existing patients.
Take advantage of this $500 off implant special and free implant consultation only during the month of February.

This means that improving your smile is more affordable than ever. Schedule an appointment at our office and enjoy a free implant consultation to evaluate and discuss your implant treatment options.

Bravo Dental has a state of the art dental practice in North Miami Beach, Florida. We specialize in dental implants and take most insurances.

This promotion won’t last. Call and schedule your appointment today.

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Back to School Orthodontic Promotion at Bravo Dental

School is back in session! We’re launching an exciting orthodontic promotion for all our young patients.
During the month of September get a FREE orthodontic consultation and $100 off on your orthodontics records.

In just a few months a young patient was able to reposition his crossbite. Images below show a Bravo Dental patient who undergone orthodontic treatment and successfully completed its treatment.
This original class III malocclusion can be explained as having the first molar anteriorly placed in relation to the maxillary first molar. This inhibits the mandible from proper growth thus jeopardizing full dental development.

Orthodontic treatment

It’s highly recommended to address this issue early during childhood since its treatment is short and can completed providing great results.
Lack of treatment during childhood might require corrective orthodontic surgery throughout adulthood.
Take advantage of our Back to School Promotion and schedule your orthodontic consultation during September.
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Congratulations to Ms Alcide, our first contest winner!

Whitening contest at Bravo Dental Patient DoctorCongratulations to Shelda Alcide on her Take advantage of our January whitening 40% off Special!
@GLO_Science #dentistry #whitening #Smile

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Win a Glo Whitening Treatment Kit

Win a free GLO at home and office whitening kitWe’re launching our first patient contest at Bravo Dental.
If you ever wanted a whiter smile, this is you chance to get a free office treatment and at home kit !

It’s very easy to enter. Just leave us a positive review at any of our social media pages – Bravo Dental’s Facebook page, Bravo Dental’s Yelp page or our Google map listing

You can find more information at our contest page:

Days before the end of contest:

Best of luck to everyone!

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Love is in the air – Whitening promotion during the month of February

Whitening promotion at Bravo Dental

Glo Science Pro – Whitening Kit

There are many types of smiles, and there are many types of whitening.
During the month of February Bravo Dental is happy to announce a new promotion for our web subscribers: All office whitening, at home whitening kits, with and without light kit have a special promotion.
The GLO Brilliant™ Personal Teeth Whitening Device reinvents the experience of teeth whitening using patented G.L.O. (Guided Light Optic) technology, combining professional elements of heat and light built into a one of a kind – closed system mouthpiece that accelerates the whitening process, preventing the whitening oxygens from escaping the tooth surface, bombarding the stains and making the whitening process more effective and more efficient.

Used with our innovating whitening gel G-Vials that contain a minty fresh, stay put formula that adheres to your teeth without getting on gums and other soft tissue. This avoids the problems of sensitivity common with other whitening methods.

Promotion is good only for the month of February! Take your smile to the next level with both office and at a home kit!

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Let’s celebrate; all porcelain veneers are 40% off during December

Bravo Dental Veneers December promotionDecember marks the end of the year, so we have save the best for last: We’re launching our first promotion ever for all Bravo Dental web subscribers. If you always wanted to improve your smile, this is a great opportunity to save:

Begin the holidays season with a special discount, 40%  in on all porcelain veneers.

Here’s another reason to celebrate the holiday season!

If you have discolored, uneven or simply plain unattractive teeth, porcelain veneers are a great way to achieve that fresh, new look.  All porcelain veneers will include an automatic 40% discount on its fee for Bravo Dental’s online subscribers.

Mariana H is a patient of Bravo Dental. She got porcelain veneers at our office a few months ago. She’s very happy with the end results, but it’s better if you see it by yourself:

Porcelain veneers represent one of the breakthroughs in modern cosmetic dentistry.
Veneers are a thin shells of porcelain that are used to cover the surface of decayed, discolored teeth. Veneers are bonded directly to the teeth and look completely natural and last a lifetime. They don’t change over time; they’re stain resistant, can cover imperfections such as gaps, chips and stains.
We want you to begin 2016 with a brand new smile.  Take advantage of this opportunity only available during the month of December at Bravo Dental.

Call us today to take care of this promotion during the month of December. (305) 945-9333



This promotion cannot be combined with insurances and It’s for the porcelain veneer only. Cost associated with the treatment are separate.
* Some restrictions apply, offer cannot be combined. Please consult with the staff at Bravo Dental

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What is scaling and root planning?

It’s widely recommended by dentist to do a simple common cleaning every six months. Yet, there are some times when a simple cleaning is not enough and a scaling and root planning is required. Sometimes refereed as a deep cleaning or conventional periodontal therapy, is a treatment that has as an objective to remove plaque, of a soft yellow-grayish substance, that adheres to the surface of the tooth. Through proper eradication of cavities, the treatment prevents the arrival of gum diseases. Deep root cleaning procedure consists of two parts, root planing and scaling.

Scaling and root planning

Scaling and root planning

Plaque accumulation tends to be more severe at the gumline. Since its proximity to the gum tissue, the bacterial plaque begin to irritate and infect gums. This infection is known as gingivitis, which means inflammation of the gingiva, and it’s usually characterized by swelling, redness and bleeding gums.

Is anesthesia necessary ?

Local anesthesia is very often used during the treatment, depending upon several factors such as the depth of the cavity, need of the patient and pain experienced by the patient.

Periodontal disease might result in bone loss. It’s very important to consult with your dentist at Bravo Dental for an accurate diagnostic.

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Protecting oral health from a young age

Promote Healthy habits for your child - protecting oral health from a young age

Promote healthy brushing from an early age.

Establishing common habits and routines can be a very successful technique for your baby, toddler and child. From a nightly routine to a daily activity chronogram, studies have shown how beneficial this type of daily structure can be for child’s overall development and personality.
Creating a good habit, as with proper oral hygiene for your child, has many advantages.
Rewards can be quantified not on golden stars or extra TV/Computer time, but on paving the road for an overall healthy oral routine that can help your child’s oral and overall health.

Creating a smart and fun way of brushing will only make the entire process more enjoyable for you and your child, here are a couple of ideas:

  • Find a fun toothbrush and toothbrush holder: There are plenty of great dental gadgets that promote oral health in a fun way. Everyone enjoy character toothbrushes, and a toothbrush holder provides a sanitary storage spot.  When your child identifies the toothbrush holder to be casually at the bathroom, the whole activity will be transform into a play activity.
  • Flip roles: As parents we sometimes want to complete brushing as effective as possible, and this is good, but not always fun for your child. Take a step back, and try to flip things around. Let your child brush your teeth. not only this will be a lot of fun for both of you, but it will also provide a connection between the activity for both of you. .. Because at the end, we all need to brush, don’t we ?

If any of this tips don’t help with establishing a daily ritual with your child, it might be a good idea to call reinforcements. Making an appointment with Dr. Bravo at Bravo Dental might help your child lose the apprehension towards brushing.
Brushing is a fundamental necessity to avoid cavities in your child.

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Preventing the unexpected

BLS CPR course training at Bravo Dental North Miami Beach

Preventing the unexpected is not always possible but expecting the unexpected can be invaluable for individuals and specially important for every health provider at large. We, at Bravo Dental, hold this to be very true.

Last December all our staff attended a CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation) and basic BLS (Basic Life Support) course training. The importance of knowing how to act on those first crucial and valuable minutes can define the successful outcome of a patient at cardiac arrest. Having the proper skill set while faced with an emergency can mean the successful resuscitation of a patient in critical condition.

As a rule of thumb, the first and foremost important thing to do while face with a possible stroke victim is to call 911.

The AHA (American Heart Association) recommended steps for resuscitation are known as DRS CAB:

  1. Check for Danger
  2. Check for a Response
  3. Send for help
  4. C directs rescuers to perform 30 Compressions to patients who are unresponsive and not breathing normally, followed by 2 rescue breaths
  5. A directs rescuers to open the Airway
  6. B directs rescuers to check Breathing but no need to deliver rescue breaths
  7. D directs rescuers to attach an AED as soon as it is available and follow prompts

If you are interested in being prepared for an emergency, it’s important to be educated and certified. Find a local BLS class and gain the tool set and knowledge necessary.

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