Dental Crowns treatment MiamiWhen a tooth has been damaged, one way to restore it is by applying a crown, or cap, to it. A crown is a covering for a tooth that restores it to its natural appearance and also strengthens the tooth. When other types of dental restorations, such as fillings, are not enough to repair the damage to a tooth, a crown will be the restoration method that is used.

There are different types of crowns available, but the porcelain, tooth colored crown is most widely used. It is very durable and will last a number of years. It is also a good option for restoring a damaged tooth to a cosmetically appealing appearance. A porcelain crown will be made the size, shape and color that will blend in with your existing teeth. In time, though, as with other dental restorations, a crown may need to be replaced.

Crowns are used to restore teeth that are broken, decayed or fractured. They are also used to restore a tooth that has a fractured or large filling that needs to be replaced. Crowns are applied to teeth that have undergone root canal therapy. And they are an option for teeth that need to be cosmetically enhanced.

Crowns can cosmetically enhance your teeth and make your smile much more attractive. Consult with Bravo Dental dentist about crowns and how they can help you.

In two dental visits, a crown can be fitted and applied to a tooth. The first visit involves taking an impression of the tooth so that an accurately sized crown can be made. The permanent crown will be crafted by a dental laboratory and will take several weeks to create.  Bravo Dental dentist doctor will remove any decayed matter from the affected tooth and thoroughly clean and shape it so that it will be ready for the application of the crown. A temporary crown is provided to the patient until the permanent one is ready. Before the end of the visit, the temporary crown will be applied and our doctor will check your bite to ascertain that the fit of the crown is correct.

The second visit involves removal of the temporary crown and application of the permanent one. Our doctor will clean the tooth again before the permanent crown is bonded to your tooth. After application, he will check to make certain that the fit of the crown is accurate. Your bite will also be rechecked at this time.

You will be instructed on the care of your crown and advised to keep up with regular dental visits.