Fixed Bridge MiamiA fixed bridge is used to replace several missing teeth in the mouth. It is a non-removable appliance that will give your smile a natural appearance.

Several types of bridges are available. Dr. Bravo can discuss the different types with you and also the type that would be the best for your situation. The bridge that is used most often, porcelain fused with metal, consists of two crowns that will attach to two existing teeth that act as anchors for the bridge. Attached to the two crowns are the artificial teeth that will fill in the gaps created by the missing teeth.

Even though fixed bridges are very durable and will last for many of years, over time they may need to be replaced.

If you want a more comfortable alternative to your dentures, fixed bridges are a good choice. Consult with Dr. Bravo at Bravo Dental about fixed bridges and how they can help you.

A fixed bridge will fill in the gaps caused by missing teeth. It will also help the face to retain its shape, help in chewing and speaking correctly, and prevent existing teeth from shifting in the mouth and changing alignment. A fixed bridge can also be used to replace partial dentures that are removable and not as cosmetically attractive. Your smile will definitely be restored with a properly fitting fixed bridge.

In two visits to our office, you will have your bridge. During your first visit, Dr. Bravo will prepare the teeth that will be acting as anchors by removing a small portion of enamel to enable the crowns to fit. An impression is taken of the area so that a properly fitting bridge can be created at the dental laboratory. A temporary bridge is provided to you until your fixed bridge is ready, which should be in a few weeks.

Your second visit to our office will include properly fitting the fixed bridge into your mouth and making any necessary adjustments. Dr. Bravo may wait a short period of time before permanently cementing the bridge in place to make certain that your teeth and gums have a chance to adjust to the bridge. When that period of time has elapsed, the bridge will be permanently cemented in place.

With proper care, your fixed bridge should last many years. Dr. Bravo will instruct you on how to take care of your bridge to ensure that it will last for the longest time possible.