What is scaling and root planning?

It’s widely recommended by dentist to do a simple common cleaning every six months. Yet, there are some times when a simple cleaning is not enough and a scaling and root planning is required. Sometimes refereed as a deep cleaning or conventional periodontal therapy, is a treatment that has as an objective to remove plaque, of a soft yellow-grayish substance, that adheres to the surface of the tooth. Through proper eradication of cavities, the treatment prevents the arrival of gum diseases. Deep root cleaning procedure consists of two parts, root planing and scaling.


Plaque accumulation tends to be more severe at the gumline. Since its proximity to the gum tissue, the bacterial plaque begin to irritate and infect gums. This infection is known as gingivitis, which means inflammation of the gingiva, and it’s usually characterized by swelling, redness and bleeding gums.

Is anesthesia necessary ?

Local anesthesia is very often used during the treatment, depending upon several factors such as the depth of the cavity, need of the patient and pain experienced by the patient.

Periodontal disease might result in bone loss. It’s very important to consult with your dentist at Bravo Dental for an accurate diagnostic.

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